Kerala Educational Society Koothattukulam, Ernakulam(Dt), Kerala.
Reg.No- ER 71/75
Headquarters- Koothattukulam. Ernakulam (Dt), Kerala
Year of Establishment- 1975.

Unique Nature of the Society

  1. Imparting self Employment Programme for the Educated unemployed youth.
  2. Imparting educational facilities in backward areas.
  3. With these ends in view, running educational institutions all over Kerala from Nursery School - Senior Secondary School by the name Group of Bappuji Schools.
  4. Being aself employment programme, their exists no employee - employer relationship
    Founder- Shri K.M Mathai, Kunnackamariyil House, Edyar

Unique nature of functioning of the school

  1. BAPPUJI CENTRAL SCHOOL one among the group of Bappuji Schools is functioning under Kerala Educational Society Koothattukulam.
  2. The staff (teaching & non teaching) decorating various designations of the school are hailing from different caste, creed and religion. 95% of the staff are ladies themselves.
  3. Any person who takes membership in the Society is an employee of the school. The person who is an employee of the schoolshould be a member of the society. There is no employee - employer relationship in the society as all members are having equal Status.
  4. Each School under the head 'Group of Bappuji Schools' is an independent unit.

Welfare Schemes implemented for the staff

  1. Group Insurance Scheme - LIC
  2. Members welfare Fund (Far more beneficial than Provident Fund)
  3. Members pension Fund (Retirement age – 65, but with completion of 55 years age, eligible for pension)
  4. Members insurance Scheme - Family coverage (far more beneficial than Employees State Insurance(ESI), benefits issued for 38 diseases like Cancer (all organs), Rheumatic heart Diseases, liver cirrhosis, Leukemia and so on)
  5. Family Pension
  6. Cash award for the wards of the members.
  7. Pre - retirement Medical Aid.
  8. Loan facilities - housing, landed property, Higher education for wards of the members and the like.
  9. Festival Allowance & Onam Advance.
    Our Director Board
    No. of Board members – Eleven (elected from various schools)
    Term of the office - 3 years

List of Board Members

(at present only 9 members, as two members have resigned from their post).