BCS is a school with a variety of activities. Yoga, Karate, Roller Skating, Dance, Violin, Keyboard, Attitude Refining, Seminars etc… help to forge imaginative, spiritual and intellectual qualities.

Co-Curricular Activities
It is imperative that a child should learn at least any one of the combat sports or Arts.

The kerala state bharat scouts & guides under 108th Bappuji Scout Unit.

Roller Skating
To glide about by means of roller skates or moving in undulating billows as clouds or waves will be fascination for young and old. We create acute adapts in roller skating through impeccable coaching.

Music is said to be the speech of angles. The stimuli of beautiful music, or a soft melody uproots our personal profound feelings of joy and sorrow. In our school we are imparting the basic lessons of music – the purifier of soul. We also provide coaching in violin, keyboard and carnatic music.

We train martial arts like karate as a means of self defence, an exciting sport, a way of keeping fit or as a branch of fascinating philosophical system. It facilitates the elan to conquer peak and even the mental and spiritual self.

Yoga is the union of the self with the Supreme Being or ultimate principle. We prescribe this course of physical and mental disciplines for attaining such union at an early age.

The objective of different clubs is to promote holistic performance apart from completing the regular syllabus. Various clubs like Literary Club (Drama Club,Oratory club), Health and Wellness club, Eco Club , Science Club , Road Safety Club, Drawing Club and Dance Club are successfully functioning in the school.